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Prem K Gantha CEO and Founder of Insightworks Analytics

Prem K Gantha               -                     Founder of Insightworks Analytics

Meet Prem K Gantha, the founder of Insightworks Analytics, a pioneering research and analytics company specializing in delivering valuable insights to businesses and the general public across various topics. With a solid educational foundation in data analytics and information technology, Prem has harbored a profound fascination with the transformative power of data in shaping business decisions.

Embarking on his journey after obtaining a degree in data analytics, Prem commenced his career as a data analyst. Here, he honed his skills in data collection, analysis, and interpretation, uncovering invaluable insights along the way. Transitioning into product management, he adeptly leveraged his analytical prowess to develop and launch successful products tailored to meet customer needs.

However, Prem recognized a significant gap in the market—an absence of a data-driven insights company poised to unlock the full potential of organizational data. Drawing upon his rich experience as both a data analyst and a product manager, Prem laid the foundation for Insightworks Analytics. Since its inception in 2023, the company has been at the forefront of advocating for the comprehensive utilization of data across all industries.

Today, Prem continues to spearhead Insightworks Analytics, tirelessly leading the charge to furnish businesses with actionable insights. His unwavering commitment to delivering data-driven solutions empowers organizations to chart a course towards growth and success.

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Rushiraj N Pathak           -           Senior Analyst (Research Department)

Introducing Rushiraj N Pathak, the Senior Analyst in the Research Department. Armed with a diverse educational background, Rushiraj pursued a Master's degree in Project Management, honing his skills in orchestrating complex initiatives with precision and efficiency. Recognizing the growing significance of data analytics in today's landscape, Rushiraj is currently furthering his education in this domain, eager to upskill himself and stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies.

With a commitment to lifelong learning and a passion for harnessing the power of data, Rushiraj brings a unique blend of project management expertise and analytical acumen to our research team. His multidisciplinary approach enables him to approach challenges from various angles, ensuring that our projects are not only meticulously executed but also yield insights that drive meaningful impact. Rushiraj's dedication to personal and professional growth, coupled with his unwavering commitment to excellence, makes him an invaluable asset to our organization.



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